How to clean Teak

August 11, 2015

Teak is a durable wood that can be used for both indoor and outdoor furniture. With outdoor teak furniture, maintenance should be regular to keep it clean and to stop it from turning grey. (if this is your desire) We recommend cleaning the teak when it is dirty which, depending on lifestyle and usage can be often or rarely. Remember your furniture is used outside and will of course be subject to the elements, just like your veranda, decks, patio or pathways. Washing will avoid dirt build up and keep your furniture fresh and clean.

With your teak, your preference may well be, for your pieces to have the natural new look, this is achieved by washing and cleaning to stop oxidization, then follow the cleaning instructions such as a gentle wash whenever it gets dirty. Another option our customers use and love, is to apply a clear natural sealer for more protection and keep that gorgeous showroom glow, however regular washing and resealing is required. Use only marine grade products here.

If you love the patina grey hue then leave outside and clean and water often to hurry up the oxidization, the result is stunning.

Treat your furniture like your car that has been left outside.

Here is a helpful video on how we believe your teak should be cleaned:

Things You Will Need

  1. A Bucket
  2. Brush with medium to soft bristles (sponge is okay too)
  3. Water supply (garden hose works best)
  4. A soft solution that will not harm the teak (We recommend Simple Green products)
  5. Dry cloth
  6. Gloves (optional)

The 10 Simple Steps on How to Clean Your Teak Furniture

  1. Remove all cushions or anything non teak from the item as well as leaves and other debris.
  2. Rinse off the item thoroughly with a hose on medium settings. Using a very strong pressure will damage the wood.
  3. Mix the solution with water in the bucket until foamy. A quarter cup of solution will work best.
  4. Put the brush in the mixture and start scrubbing.
  5. Start off with a small area to make sure the solution does not damage the teak.
  6. When cleaning, scrub WITH the grain, not against it.
  7. Make sure to scrub in between cracks and in corners.
  8. Brush diligently but not too harsh as to make sure to not damage the wood.
  9. After cleaning, rinse the solution off the teak after letting it rest for a while and wait for it to dry
  10. Use drying cloth or let dry naturally with sunlight.

Other things to note:

We usually recommend letting the mixture sit on the teak for at least five to ten minutes before rinsing off. After rinsing off, drying can take anywhere from 24 – 36 hours if dried naturally. Never use aggressive, two part acid solutions as they may compromise the integrity of the teak furniture. Any type of finishing product for teak furniture such as teak protectant, sealer, restoreant or coating should be applied to clean dry pieces of furniture. We can recommend qualified people to help you on your way of teak maintenance. If required, just call us. We will refer you to the most qualified people in the business.

For a video guide on how to clean your teak, please watch our short how-to video on cleaning your teak furniture.

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