More Than Just An Ordinary Garden Bench

June 8, 2016

We are excited to share with you our new Millar Reclaimed Teak Bench. It’s a magnificent bench constructed to embody the strength and elegance of teak, and designed to make a fantastic first impression. A simple glance won’t do it justice; in fact even pictures can’t capture the sheer impressiveness of this park style bench with seating for three or four. It is truly a bold, beautiful piece of outdoor furniture.


The subtle ergonomics of the back and seat combine beautifully with the blocky, substantial build quality and the large, wide stance of this centerpiece. It will be equally at home in a museum, as it will be on a golf course or in a large garden or observatory; regardless of where the Millar Bench ends up, it will turn heads while providing a solid seating solution to any that wander past it. The premium reclaimed teak wood is combined to make a bench that is about as impressive as you can imagine any bench to be, and it’s designed by the Gommaire team from Belgium, sold exclusively in New Zealand by Design Warehouse.

This is a solid, all reclaimed teak wood bench, styled with a traditional elements that evoke a warm and inviting feel. It is a large and quite impressive outdoor bench, measuring over 100 inches long (more than 8 feet), this has a monolithic and unforgettable presence. The design work is intricate, without being overwrought and offers a few different stylistic variances to play off of, so you can place it in many spaces without fear of it not blending with other pieces.

As a Garden Bench, the Millar will age to the fine patina that teak wood is famous for, with the silvery hue and even finish, which is common of teakwood furniture and has been for centuries. Teak is the perfect natural building material for a large bench like the Millar, because it’s structural integrity and weatherproof characteristics are perfect for longevity and stability. The Millar bench is truly a legacy piece that you will likely pass on throughout the generations. Quality, class and presence never goes out of style when it comes to outdoor furniture.

Design Warehouse is proud to offer the Millar Bench, designed by Gommaire of Belgium and offered exclusively by Design Warehouse in New Zealand. Design Warehouse has been a wholesale provider, direct to the public of fine outdoor furniture for over two decades. Design Warehouse is proud to offer premium outdoor materials on furniture ranging from traditional, to classic to modern to contemporary and beyond.

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