Vibing Off Our Newest Outdoor Dining Table

September 18, 2018

Vibe Concrete Dining table with two chairs

Design Warehouse is humming with new designs and replenished stock daily, which is why we always have customers frequenting our showroom eager to peruse the classics or see what is new in store. Out the back, our building team work tirelessly to ensure that stunning, quality products make it onto the showroom floor, where our sales team take time to learn about each piece that comes in, from the materials, to the origination and history of the design. It’s all so we can communicate to you, our customers, so you have the knowledge to purchase the best pieces for you.

It’s easy to see why there’s a fun, uplifting and elegant vibe in the Design Warehouse showroom… which brings us to our point. The fashion forward and incredible design of the Vibe Outdoor Dining Table.

When this contemporary concrete and resin table landed in our Parnell warehouse, everyone gathered to admire the incredible beauty and precision in this daring new design.

Opening up potential for many different scenes in the outdoors, the Vibe Dining Table is current, but not in a way that allows it to age with changing fashions.

Offering an oval shaped table top, determines a point of difference from the regular rectangular styles, and subliminally welcomes your guests to the dining table. We think it’s glorious that a shared space is created with such a simple shape.

Move the eye further down, and you’ll take in the artistry of the tapered legs that enable stability as well as a unique take on classic stone designs. It’s a feel that makes you feel like you could be in a Greek Courtyard, in an urban resort or placed in your home to brighten an area with a perfectly put together style.

Shown here with the Sydney Chairs, it’s easy to see why we name the Vibe Dining Table as accommodating any type of vibe you desire! Place something very contemporary to create a breezy, dreamy urban look, or factor in classic chairs to keep the look traditional. You can easily fit 8 ample sized dining chairs around the Vibe Outdoor Table – ideal for many dining experiences. We welcome you to peruse our great range of furniture, including the many dining chairs on offer.

The Vibe Dining Table is made out of the popular choice of material for furnishing New Zealand homes – concrete composite. With a heart, robust feel and lighter weight materials to avoid damage and enable you to move it, concrete composite furniture blends well seamlessly into any space, and respects the changing seasons by remaining steadfast in its incredible design and adapting to rainfall and sun exposure by taking on an elegant patina and rustic aged look with time.

We invite you to create a truly splendid vibe in your space by inviting in this gorgeously designed contemporary piece of outdoor furniture. We’re thrilled to offer up designs like the Vibe Dining Table. At Design Warehouse, we are a team of like minded outdoor furniture enthusiasts. It’s a step in the right direction when you step into our showroom in the heart of Auckland. So, come on in and get into the vibe! Begin your outdoor living experience with us.

Vibe Dining Table Side View and Closeup

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