A Sophisticated Yet Organic Furniture Collection

October 4, 2018

Adley Reclaimed Teak Club Chair And Sofa

Introducing a collection that is simple and strong, chic and unique. The Adley Outdoor Furniture Collection has a robust weightiness highlighted in the materials used, rustic aged teak and thick yet soft Sunbrella® cushioning. It’s everything you need to embrace outdoor living in a sturdy and stylish set.

Shown here with softer, rounded ottomans, and eclectic accessories, the Adley takes on a funky and fresh vibe… pick up and place this setting in your beachfront property and cozy up on a long night’s entertainment outdoors.

If you placed your reclaimed teak Club Chair and Sofa in a modern setting, it would instantly lend itself to an industrial, urban vibe, not out of keeping with fashion magazines, and high end displays. Factor in a soft throw blanket and a couple of textured cushions and lean into the tactile texture of Adley.

The Adley is a style that goes beyond the limits of many settings, it slips into different spaces with aplomb, adding texture and luxury.

Offering two pieces in this furniture collection – the large Adley Deep Seating Sofa, and single person Outdoor Club Chair, both pieces showcase a marvellous angular framework. Thick, solid pieces of wood flare out at the arms and wrapped slats around the back keep in you in stylish security and comfort. Finally large cushion shells made of grey Sunbrella® fabric are filled with outdoor foam. The look creates length within in the lavish linear design.

The Adley assures strength in its style and cultivates a reason to sink into its warm embrace after a long days work, or when entertaining friends.

Our refreshing take on outdoor furniture offers much to the imagination, and even more to the space the pieces are placed in! The pieces of the Adley Collection can be bought separately so you can build an outside setting that is utterly perfect for you. We urge you to define your space with the pieces that speak to you. To build a sense of style, community, communion and relaxation in the stunning designs offered up.

With the assured Adley, we are offering up a chance to be both luxurious and rustic, sleek and confident, chic and dynamic. It’s a unique furniture collection that offers many opportunities. Begin the conversation, call us now and we can discuss options for the Adley as well as our many other pieces of stunning outdoor furniture and accessories.

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