Favourite Designer Pieces

December 11, 2018

Soho Grande Teak Sofa And Club Chair

Designers are a key part of arranging a home, workspace or outdoor area. Their skills are not just around arranging and choosing furniture and accessories, they create ambiance and a feel that is unique to your architecture and aesthetic.

When designers approach the luxury range of outdoor furniture at Design Warehouse, they do it with care, specificity and clarity. They know where to begin, and where to ask for assistance. So, we invite you to engage in reading about the favourite pieces of designers who visit us!

Moving through our vast showroom elicits many opportunities for designers and customers alike, from the quality to the stunning formations of seating, lounging, dining and decorating, we know you’ll have your own favourites, here are just some of our designers top picks for refreshing a space, and making a haven of your own.

Amalfi A-Grade Teak Modular Sofa & Coffee Tables

Building a contemporary aesthetic starts with strong lines – and nothing quite stands up to the timeless teak sectionals. We have several to choose from the linear, long, thick, modern panels of the Soho range, to the washed look, fabulous Masello Collection in characterful reclaimed teak, but the crowd favourite that seems to be most versatile whilst still keeping its unique and stately look is the prestigious Amalfi Outdoor Teak Collection. A series of elegant, carefully designed pieces that fit effortlessly together or can be bought separately to sit in their own individual glory, the Amalfi Collection is a go-to for designers because of its perfect proportions and illustrious deep seats, dignified, strong frame and soft cushioning.

It is easily incorporated into a setting to create a perfect spacial design and the ideal outdoor entertainment area.

Pieces that cater to home and interior design are also enjoyed at Design Warehouse by our designers. The new, state of the art range of relaxing chairs incites design experts to think outside the square and uplift their clients spaces with modern materials that add edge, opulence and a unique perspective to the home or office space.

A current favourite of our creative customers is the mid-century modern inspired designs that boast top quality outdoor wicker and powder coated aluminium and steel. These chairs encourage ultimate relaxation and are lightweight and extremely chic.

Capri A-Grade Teak Dining Table & Nero Chairs

Dining tables and chairs are just one of the many items of luxury garden furniture we are known for, and nothing quite beats the Capri range of extension tables. In splendid A grade teak, solid in style and quality, the streamlined classic look is available in both oval or rectangular shapes and has our designers thrilled at the options they can present their clientele.

Evoke high fashion and expert design in your own space with firm favourites from designers who shop at where else but Design Warehouse.



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