Experience a new level of shopping at Design Warehouse

January 8, 2019

Inside the Design Warehouse Furniture Showroom

Experience a new level of shopping at Design Warehouse, where professionalism, charm and incredible products all meet at the same extraordinary place!

Shopping can be a joyful experience, and sometimes a daunting one. At Design Warehouse, we make sure the process is seamless, enjoyable and has premium, luxury results for everyone who walks in our doors, or scrolls through our website.  It’s an asset and an investment when you are designing and defining a space, so we know you need to be assured by the quality, price and that the style fits in with your lifestyle.

As soon as you open the webpage, or take a step into our vast showroom in Auckland’s Parnell, you’ll be struck by the sheer amount of luxury product. We have variety but never at the expense of quality, which is why we are the leaders in outdoor furniture in New Zealand, and the South Pacific.

We have an incredible group of staff members, each who come with their own tastes and skills – but all who love our product, back it, and are able to define what are the right pieces to show you based on your personal style, space requirements and ambition! We want to make sure that you are met with professionalism, ease and focus when choosing your outdoor furniture.

Perhaps you have the choice to redefine your space? With our concrete range, you can take your look into an urban and industrial setting, or if you want warm and classic, perhaps teak and planters will work best for you. Our range of materials and styles goes unmatched by other companies. We have great pride in the items on display.Shop And Explore The Design Warehouse Showroom

From contemporary to more traditional, we have a multitude of options to be able to breathe new, fresh life into your space and keep you in supreme comfort year round! Again, our staff members can take you through options to help open up the possibilities, and create a clear, cohesive outdoor vibe that will suit you, and delight your guests time and time again!

Part of our ethos at Design Warehouse is about providing customers with quality products that allow for use years after purchase – we want to see customers coming back to add to their collection based off the brilliance of what they’ve achieved from us already, rather than at other stores where you have to replace your furniture every year.

The proof is in the product, our clientele and testimonials! You’ll see why our customers love dealing with us, simply type in our name or pop into our store, and before you know it, you’ll be delighting in your own opulent outdoor setting.

From people curating a superb outdoor living room for their friends and loved ones, or companies making bold choices for their state of the art resort, restaurant or club, we have everything a customer needs to change a space for the better, lift it and re-energise it. Explore our deep seating, beautiful dining suites, relaxing furniture, accessories, shading and more at Design Warehouse.

We love being surprised by collaborations, different pieces fitting together in a new space, the artistry that presents when different materials and fibres meet, so come and see us and check out what we have in store! We aim to give you a tremendous, easeful shopping experience.





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