A Timeless Classic For Everyone, The Teak Adirondack Chair

February 6, 2019

Adirondack Chairs By The Lake

The classic Adirondack Chair has had a resurgence of late, as the pinnacle of traditional outdoor elegance. Its stately style offers something of a secure comfort, and robust structure makes surety in sitting down and relaxing a while an absolute must.

The timeless look that has been adopted since the beginning of the century, the Adirondack Chair has shaped long panels that run the length of the back and of the seat, tapering in as it moves down. It is this style that keeps the Adirondack as a pillar of modern elegance.

History has it that the Adirondack Chair was invented by American Thomas Lee while holidaying with his family in Westport, New York state. He wanted some beautiful chairs for his family as they relaxed around the lakeside. He tested a few models, and wound up with the wide seated, tall backed, stately Adirondack. On leaving, he gifted the chair to a carpenter in need of a winter income, who started the movement of Adirondack Chairs across America, and then the world!

It’s unsurprising that such a simple, hearty design took off. It fits in with many styles of settings, people paint the wood for a pop of colour or to match in with their architecture, or let the wood weather (which is what we wholeheartedly recommend) to capture the brilliant character of the teak, complimenting the design of the Adirondack as well!

At Design Warehouse, we see many opportunities for you to invite this stunning piece of outdoor furniture history into your home or business. How about the poolside, complete with Sunbrella® brollys creating shade, and side tables for delicious snacks… lining up Adirondack Teak Chairs will have a superb effect that will allow you and your guests to sink into strong, structured bliss in the comfort of your surroundings.

If your front verandah on your Victoria style villa invites the morning sun, as the delicate plants curve up the side of your deck posts, then you absolutely need a place to relax in serene style. Two of these Adirondacks with matching teak Adirondack Foot Stools will polish off the look with aplomb, and invite terrific, invigorating conversations with a loved one as you begin your day.

On a busy Sunday in Design Warehouse, after time well spent taking in the fabulous array of outdoor furniture, it doesn’t surprise us to find our clients taking a moment out in the Adirondack Chair, its stable persona offering them a moment of comfort and reflection, as their arms lay on the brilliantly wide armrests stroking the smoothness of the luxurious teak wood. It’s not long after this that the Adirondack is purchased to compliment their deep seating seat, or sit parallel to their new dining set.

Our Adirondacks are built in grade a teak, ensuring that the quality matches the style. Design Warehouse offers nothing less than the best when it comes to outdoor style, which is why we are proud as punch to bring you the superb, enduring cultivated beauty of the Adirondack Chair and matching footstool. Adopt your Adirondack today.

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