5 Classic and Timeless A-Grade Teak Dining Chairs

June 7, 2019

Five Classic Teak Outdoor Dining Chairs

Choosing your chairs can change the experience of dining outdoors, from the curvature of the seat to the style it emanates. We know it’s essential to create a beautiful and harmonious union between your space and your furniture. With that in mind, we’d like to introduce you to 5 of our incredible of Grade A Teak Outdoor Dining Chairs.

At Design Warehouse, we have an amazing range of dining chairs for outdoors, offices and beyond. All different materials and styles, but it all started with the classic Teak Dining Chair. Whether you are looking for foldaway or a fixed variety, the five outlined here are representatives of traditional values, each with a unique edge.

To look at our dining chairs, you cannot go past the classic Wave Arm and Side Chairs. Robust, chunky, strong and yet elegant, these chairs look amazing around a solid teak table, or something more dainty.
With a curved, or wave style, back, and seat and a heavy duty frame, this is one of our most comfortable outdoor dining chairs. People often worry with teak that the wood will be too hard, not comfortable, but the Wave Dining Chairs allow a sense of relief, of ease with their brilliant, ergonomic design.

Folding chairs are a popular choice for outdoors because you can create a minimalistic look when it’s just you and the family, and then go into storage to retrieve additional seating when entertaining more people. Let’s welcome the Como Dining Chairs. An incredibly satisfying example of luxury and functionality in two styles of wonderful seating. The Como Chair, like the Wave comes in an arm and a side variety, and also features a gentle curve. The slats are slender and elegant, and when set up around a table, they look fixed, solid and chic. Several of these fabulous chairs around the Capri Extension Tables is a perfectly matched blend of wood and superb design. These Como Chairs are also a terrific choice for a chair on a porch with an elegant side cafe table. Place two of the Como Arm Chairs out on either side of a 90cm Round Cafe Table, a vase in the middle, and you’re prepped for an idyllic setting perfect for morning coffees and evening vinos!

When you’re setting up a dining set in an urban space, you want to make sure that your furniture fits the area, blends in with the environment and looks like it is meant to be there. The Horizon Teak Dining Chair offers a stylish and straightforward mid-century look in a gorgeous fixed a grade teak chair. Fabulous panels of thick wood horizontally cross the frame, perfecting a low lying, uncomplicated and simply modern look.

For a truly traditional garden chair, we highly recommend the stately Elizabeth Dining Arm and Side. With a superb pattern on the back of the chair, that echoes Elizabethan fashion and style; the Elizabeth Chairs offer a sense of opulence in their elegant yet robust seating. Place around a large coffee table and opposite the matching Elizabeth Bench for the perfect ring around the roses!

Finally, we’d like to showcase the Treviso Stacking Chair, a sharp and dapper design that allows flexibility with how many you seat at the dinner table. Curved arms and slender slats on the seat and back give this chair a refined feel that manages to blend in well with many different styles of table. Place around a concrete square table and allow them to patina to a soft grey for a strong, modern look.

Teak is a superb choice for outdoors; it’s natural properties protects and keeps it looking swish while being exposed to the elements. Check out the teak care blog for choices in managing how you want your teak to look, with very little maintenance!

There’s a tremendous range on offer with the dining chairs at the biggest outdoor furniture outlet in New Zealand, and these are just 5. Pop in and take a seat, you’ll be delighted by the comfort, and inspired by the designs — all at Design Warehouse.

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