Amalfi Grade-A Teak Deep Seating Collection: A Coastal Tradition

August 27, 2019

Amalfi A-Grade Teak Outdoor Seating Collection with included Sunbrella CushionsSymmetry and a refined nature blend together for something that goes beyond timeless. The Amalfi Teak Deep Seating Collection takes on a presence that’s casual, making you feel right at home. This collection has a coastal coolness about it that puts you at ease. The frame is designed with perfect proportions, never overdone, keeping a hint of restraint as to not overwhelm. The Amalfi Collection has seven modular pieces, a matching teak coffee table, and a sun lounger. These modular pieces can be organized and arranged however the space will permit. The Amalfi Deep Seating Collection is supported by wide slats of a-grade teak, marine grade hardware, and lustrous Sunbrella® back and base cushions. There’s an understated attitude that puts you in an effortless mood, this intended affect sets the Amalfi Collection apart. Engage in the calming serenity of traditional nostalgia and bring this calming force to your outdoor space.

At Design Warehouse, we have been long time purveyors of grade-a teak wood. We recognize the beauty, structural quality, and its classic nature that sets it apart. Teak is an incredibly stable wood; it has a high rubber and oil content that allows it to repel water that makes it virtually immune to rotting. This highly valued wood is the premier choice in shipbuilding and furniture making. It naturally resists insects so the wood incurs no damage from pests. We only source sustainably harvested grade-a teak wood that aligns with our environmentally safe standards. Each piece is crafted of the highest quality and ensures the stability of the furniture that you can enjoy for a lifetime. The Amalfi Grade-A Teak Deep Seating Collection is a direct reflection of our mission to provide the best quality in outdoor teak furniture. This deep seating collection is fully cohesive to provide you with all the pieces one needs to decorate their outdoor space. Each piece comes separately giving you total freedom to create the space that’s right for you. Our Amalfi Grade-A Teak Deep Seating Collection has all the elements of a timeless and classic style; we break down all the ways that this collection can be used and our favorite ways to style this one of a kind collection.

Coast sun bedDreaming up images of carefree days spent under the sun, sipping on a refreshing beverage, while getting lost between the pages of a salacious novel. These days are to be spent in luxurious relaxation and what better way to do that than on a spacious outdoor daybed or chaise lounge. The Amalfi Deep Seating Collection includes a left and right daybed and a chaise lounge that brings a sophisticated ambiance to your outdoor space. With its traditional design and crisp features these pieces allow for a variety of styling options. Make a dramatic statement and place the right and left daybeds together for a lounge space that’s a gratuitous mark on your exterior.

The Amalfi Deep Seating Collection in all its classical design elements and its traditional presence, shines as a collection that never feels overwhelming. The collection has four chairs that own each of their distinct qualities but work together to create a harmonious outdoor sectional. The corner chair and single arm chair takes a functional rather than decorative role while the club chairs can be used on their own. The corner chair and single arm chair are necessary when creating a larger sectional as the corner chair will be the corner of a L-shape or U-shape configuration while the single arm will give the sectional a tailored finished look.

Coast club chair

The club chair provides a beautiful accent to the sectional or it can be used on its own. The armless club chairs can go both ways, they are great for creating additional length in a sofa sectional or on their own as modern accents placed around an outdoor fire pit. The Amalfi Deep Seating Collection feels like a blank canvas, providing a solid foundation to breath new life into your exterior space. The honey-toned teak is a stunning outdoor fixture that effortlessly blends with its surroundings to your specific style.

The Amalfi Grade-A Teak Deep Seating Collection is one of those collections that genuinely makes one proud to have it included in their exterior space. Aside from how well designed and crafted it is, the collection tends to make a meaningful impact on a space. It fosters connection and creates a space for you to enjoy time outside and spend time with the people in your life that can share that with you. More than just a deep seating collection, it can truly transform an outdoor area. Each piece of the collection comes with performance fabric Sunbrella® cushions, these cushions are engineered for outdoor use to bring you premium comfort to your collection. The color is up to you and whatever works best for your exterior. Make your Amalfi Outdoor Collection unique. The knowledgeable staff at Design Warehouse looks forward to helping you in all your outdoor design needs. Visit us in person at our showroom, call us ,or email us to get started designing your space today!

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