An Understated Luxury: The Backless Bench

August 12, 2019

backless bench indoor and outdoor
Blur the distinction between form and functionality; the backless bench has been defined as such. Benches have become a common fixture in many homes and a regular rotating piece in many designers’ décor arsenals. Traditionally, benches are most commonly used in gardens, parks and other public spaces but as design trends shift so does the use of certain pieces. The backless bench is commonplace in the home and used for a variety of purposes.

The backless bench goes above and beyond the call of duty and at Design Warehouse we know a dynamic piece when we see one. Each bench is unique and made to transform a space, whether that be with subtlety or in a more grandiose fashion. These multi-functional and versatile pieces can completely define a space and have the ability to suit any situation or mood. Leave any restrictive ideas behind as we look at all the ways the backless bench can be used for any room of your home.

In the entryway…

raw concrete outdoor backless benchCreate the perfect welcoming gesture and be greeted by the convenience and comfort of a backless bench as you enter your home. Use against the wall of an entryway or foyer for a place to stop and ease into your interior space. Choosing a bench with a slim profile that’s made with solid and hardy materials like the Raw Concrete Bench for something modern or the Joseph Reclaimed Teak Bench for a traditional design for a bench that can withstand the busyness of the entryway. The entryway is an opportunity to set the tone of your home; the backless bench offers a relaxing pause to strip away any unnecessary layers for complete comfort.

In communal spaces…

Benches make a special mark on the communal living space because of its ability to define a room. The living room in all its dynamic essence allows you to indulge in all your creative urges. Place a backless bench indoors between the living room and dining area to create separation between the two rooms while keeping the open floor plan. The Gazzoni Reclaimed Teak Bench has a rustic tone, made of reclaimed teak and rope, acting as a visual anchor for the space.

Another way to use a backless bench is to place it behind a sofa as a sort of low shelf. A timeless bench will serve as a functional but beautiful shelf space in your living room. The Classic Teak Bench has a sophisticated look yet is casual enough to be placed along the back of the sofa as a console table to display shiny accents, precious family photos, and glamorous coffee table books.

In the dining area, make an easy update to your dining table by introducing a backless bench to the seating arrangement. For long rectangular dining tables place a bench on one side of the table for a casual and communal dining style. If the occasion calls for something more formal remove the bench and place the chairs back. This offers you variety in your dining space while encouraging guests to gather around.

In the bedroom…

rustic four leg outdoor backless benchThe bedroom is a great place for a bench as it provides additional seating space and an interesting accent the room. The Rustic 4 Leg Reclaimed Teak Bench has a traditional silhouette that pairs well in any space. When styling a bench for the bedroom it’s important to make sure that the bench hits a few inches below the top of the bed. It produces a pleasing play of heights allowing each piece to have its place in the room. Use a serving tray on top of your bench to keep precious baubles and a place to display books and magazines.

Backless benches have found their popularity in the design space. They function with versatility and their ability to transform a space sets them apart. They still continue to be regular features in parks, museums, waiting areas and many other public spaces yet their new found place inside the home is considered the new notable fixture. The backless bench almost has a sense of restraint with its simple design that brings so much to a space is able to impress without overwhelming. The benches anchor the space giving dwellers and designers more design options keeping the space interesting with this daily fixture.

Design Warehouse has an extensive collection of backless benches that can be used indoors or outdoors and come in a variety of materials. Each bench has been engineered with the highest quality materials and will maintain its good looks for many years. The benches can be used in residential spaces, commercial, or in a marine setting while each piece is designed with these settings in mind. Whatever your design goals are there is a bench that’s waiting to be used in your space. We have a knowledgeable staff at Design Warehouse that can assist you with any of your design goals. Browse our entire range of indoor and outdoor benches or call us at (0800) 111-112 to start planning today!

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