Top 3 Aluminium Deep Seating Collections

August 2, 2019

Amalfi Aluminium deep seating furniture collection

The ever-changing landscape of design trends can sometimes feel like you’re navigating your way through an unknown place, yet there’s the presence of excitement as you discover and explore what’s new. This is a sentiment we can share in at Design Warehouse. As part of what we do, our mission is to continue to stay current with the trends in the outdoor space and bring our passion and sense of style to you. We began this journey as the purveyor of Indonesian a-grade teak outdoor furniture and as we’ve evolved we’ve also wanted to extend that to the scope of what was evolving in outdoor furniture. We’ve remained open to allow us to experiment with different materials outside of our beloved a-grade teak and offer more options to our clients. The addition of aluminium pieces to our showroom has been a choice that’s been fundamental to our expansion leaving us with variety and a new mode for expression.

Historically, aluminium has been around for a long time but it wasn’t until more recent developments in science and technology that it could be manufactured for consumption. Prior to this development, aluminium was considered more rare than gold and silver and considered a precious metal. Once science and technology were able to catch up, aluminium’s unique properties could be realized and used in the best way possible. Aluminium is considered extremely resilient and has incredible barrier properties that allow it to block out moisture, oxygen, and light making this material highly sought after, as it naturally will not damage while being exposed to environmental elements. It’s then not much of a surprise that such a dynamic material would find it’s way into our everyday lives. Making this part of our designs and utilizing this material in such a way that’s innovative and exciting, expresses a contemporary mood that’s suitable and works well in the current design climate.

Aluminium outdoor furniture is the definition of contemporary design. Expressed with angular lines, monochromatic hues of black and white, and a transformative edge. These stylistic details are entirely compatible with the architectural style that’s current today. With a penchant for minimalist aesthetics and neutral colors, our aluminium outdoor deep seating collections fit the mold perfectly. We break down the top 3 most popular aluminium outdoor deep seating collections at Design Warehouse.

Amalfi Aluminium Deep Seating Collection

The Amalfi Aluminium Deep Seating Furniture Collection is by far our most popular deep seating collection. It’s cohesively designed as a seven-piece collection that gives you the true freedom to design a modular set that’s right for you. The Amalfi Collection has a traditional design that’s managed by the contemporary use of materials that makes it undeniably modern. Each piece is powder-coated in a matte finish, to further protect the metal from environmental elements and give it a finished look. As shown in white.

amalfi aluminium deep seating collection white

Mykonos Aluminium Deep Seating Collection

Structurally strong with box-like proportions the Mykonos Aluminium Deep Seating Furniture Collection has all the practical elements of an outdoor set. Designed in an organic shape this collection has a warm luxury peppered with nuances and variations. The largest collection on the list with eleven pieces is specifically engineered for outdoor use and can be used for residential, commercial, and marine spaces. The options for configuring an outdoor sectional with the Mykonos Aluminium Deep Seating Collection are endless. This collection comes in a dramatic dark charcoal with complimentary gray Sunbrella® cushions that will bring sophistication and new life to any outdoor space.

Mykonos Aluminium Deep Seating Collection in charcoal grey

South Bay Aluminium Deep Seating Collection

Robust and strong, the South Bay Aluminium Deep Seating Collection makes a major impact on a space. The frame is thick giving it a naturally strong and solid presence. This modular set is made up of a left and right day bed, a corner chair, and ottoman making configuring this modular set easy to use. The horizontal symmetry of the design is gentle to the eye, which is balanced by the oversized frame. The collection is modern and progressive and will look exceptional in a contemporary space. Pair with wicker accents for an organic detail to give contrast and variation to the space.

South Bay powder-coated white aluminium deep seating collection

The outdoor aluminium deep seating furniture collections are versatile and unique, each is meant to be lived in and meant to last. All of our pieces are made with the highest quality of aluminium, outfitted with the leading performance fabric Sunbrella® cushions, and built with superb craftsmanship. Whether you have a commercial space, residential space, or a marine space these chairs will bring out the most in your exterior space. Design Warehouse has an extensive collection of aluminium pieces to bring livability and cohesion to each space. Browse our online furniture catalog to view each piece or visit our showroom in person. We are open daily and look forward to speaking with you!

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