Top 4 New Rope Relaxing Chairs

September 12, 2019

There’s nothing more contemporary than introducing new materials and design elements into your space. There’s an unspoken emphasis that modern materials have a subtle way of transforming ones living space. More recently, there has been a rise in utilizing materials that had not been previously considered a viable option for creating outdoor furniture. However, at Design Warehouse we are passionate about being on top of all the design trends and one specific trend was one that we confidently feel has the potential to make a lasting impact.

rope relaxing club chairs

The introduction of rope as a source for gorgeous designs has caught our attention. The quality of this material is exceptional and its properties make it equally functional, as it is beautiful. All materials are engineered for outdoor use so there is no damage to be incurred by the outdoor elements with the proper care. The rope we use has been UV treated and is made durable for outdoor use that will maintain its good looks year after year. Many of the new pieces we’ve introduced to our collections incorporate rope as an integral part of their overall design. We are going to break down our top choices for our newest outdoor rope relaxing chairs and how you can make them part of your outdoor living space.

komodo Outdoor rope relaxingKomodo Outdoor Relaxing Chair

This chair is for the sophisticated minimalist who agrees that strong angular lines with a barely there presence can meld together for an intensively alluring piece. The Komodo Relaxing Chair is one that cannot be bothered by an over the top aesthetic since the chair itself acts as the focal point of a space, as it’s too remarkable to go unnoticed.

With an increased desire to create an indoor/outdoor style of living in residential spaces, this creates a specific need for versatile pieces. This can be achieved with the Komodo Relaxing Chair. It’s perfectly suitable for outdoors but delicate enough to function among the interior of the home. The long horizontal lines creates depth and movement in the chair offering a quiet cadence to your space.

Lola Outdoor Club Chair in BlackLola Outdoor Relaxing Chair

A feminine appeal that’s accentuated by its curvy frame and knows the importance of keeping things light. The Lola Outdoor Relaxing Chair has an unobtrusive charm that invites guests to enjoy a leisurely reprieve. This chair is a stylish blend of delicate braided rope that creates a triangular pattern against the black frame that mingles to create a piece with unparalleled allure. This is the type of chair that belongs in a hotel outdoor lounge space where you can sit and waste away the afternoon, without a care in the world, whilst sipping your favorite libation.

Candice outdoor lounge chairCandice Outdoor Relaxing Chair

This chair is much more about its design than the rope detail but the rope functions as a delicate detail that gives the chair a soft and relaxed appeal. The Candice Outdoor Relaxing Chair is the quintessential midcentury modern piece in its expressive design features. The wrap around top

portion of the chair has a butterfly wing style shape that is supported by the square seating with star shaped legs specific to that design period. This uniquely designed chair looks best in a minimally designed space so it can really stand out and make the bold statement it was meant to make.

Westchester outdoor relaxing rope chairWestchester Outdoor Relaxing Chair

This is the most classically designed relaxing chair on our list. The wide tub style frame is balanced by the zig zagging rope design that’s layered against the frame. The Westchester Outdoor Relaxing Chair has a mid-century modern design with a matte black finish that keeps it looking current. The relaxing chair goes beyond what one would expect in an outdoor chair, as it feels just as comfortable as anything that would be found in the interior.

The Westchester Relaxing Chair brings a sense of sophistication and a refined sensibility to your space. Use the chairs in multiples of four with a low sitting teak root coffee table for a modern mixture of materials for a casually expressive space. These club chairs come outfitted in Sunbrella® performance cushions for superior outdoor comfort.

Rope accented relaxing chairs are seeing a lot of popularity in the current design landscape. With a desire to experiment with various materials, style, and color these rope accented pieces are the solution to today’s modern need for exciting new designs. Form, style, texture blend together for unique and one of kind pieces that will elevate your outdoor space. Design Warehouse has an extensive selection of rope furniture that will fit in a variety of spaces. Our staff is ready to help guide you in all your outdoor design needs. Start planning today and visit our extensive selection at our Parnell showroom or call us at (0800) 111-11

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