A Modern Accent : Sammy and Yuma Side Tables

October 10, 2019

Outdoor Teak Side Tables in BlackWe’re entering the warmer months, and the desire to kick back outside has well and truly started. The old adage says “Spring breathes new life into the world around us”… so it is time to get your space in tune with your mood: one of hope, warmth, luxury and comfort. It’s proven that organising and recalibrating your space can have a lasting effect on your mood and well-being, just ask Marie Kondo! So, let’s have a look at a piece that can offer straightforward change…

Sammy Black Outdoor Teak Side Table or StoolOrganic, startling, detailed style in one simple piece proven to shift the dynamic in your space. Presenting the incredible stately and modernly prestigeous, Sammy and Yuma Side Tables. We’ve chosen to illuminate these pieces because they are not only items of art but they have multiple uses, all that have the power to change your space from drab to dramatic.

Have you been thinking about how to detail your space simply? How to make it personal, unique and inviting without blowing your budget or redressing the entire area? At Design Warehouse, we are experts in the finer details and have some solutions to creating unity, style and glamour with ease and posterity! Blessed both with unique shapes, and stunning black stained teak wood, the Sammy and Yuma Side Tables offers a striking look that compliments everything from club chairs, loungers, seating situations and more. The Yuma Outdoor Teak Side Table boasts a cylindrical shape with a gentle groove at the base, while the Sammy Outdoor Teak Accent Table has a thick half globe with a tapered foundation.

Yuma Outdoor Teak Side Table in BlackTest out texture by placing one of these gorgeous dark wood sides next to a mesh and stainless steel piece, such as the Summer Relaxing Chair or Tango Lounger, settle into an authentic, chosen contrast that will provide comfort and blissful gratification. The Yuma and Sammy Outdoor Tables have the power to shift dynamics in a space. We envisage a bland office space in need of some personality, you know the kind. Perhaps the simple grey sofas are elementary, are comfortable, but feeding and breathing into a clinical area that needs some life, some power thrust into it. Line up three of the Sammy Sides as an alternative to a boring glass coffee table front and centre, and you’ve instantly got impressive detail, difference and character.

Sammy or Yuma are pieces that can be utilised as a fabulous bedside table in the boudoir, lifting your bedroom into one of contemporary fashion. We love these side tables in and amongst cushy deep seating units. Go into an art deco moment with soft canvas Sunbrella® cushions nestled into a teak frame, such as the Ibiza Collection, and then paired with these exceptional, exclusive tables. Mix and match the Sammy and Yuma together for even more detail.

This is the moment to uplift with a simple choice in purchasing. One piece is sometimes all it takes. The Yuma or Sammy Accent Table is an example of expert choice making a superb appearance in and out of the home. Whether commercial, residential or exterior, this is a small piece that packs a massive punch. As a leader in the market, Design Warehouse provides all the necessary and luxury items to ensure your outdoor living is as comfortable, stylish and robust as your indoor furniture. Based in Auckland, we ship all over New Zealand and beyond. Call us today for expert style, competitive prices, and loads of fantastic ideas!

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