NEW! Aluminium Side Tables

October 24, 2019

As seasons change, it’s only natural to want to re-evaluate, reflect and order some change in your environment. At Design Warehouse, a new season brings a multitude of new products inspired by the change in weather and the latest trends in overseas outdoor furniture.

Today, we are excited to bring three great new designs from our accent table range into the frame, and assist you in inspiring some shifts in your outdoor area, whether it be modest or massive!

Dorsett black side table - aluminium

Coming into Design Warehouse are our new outdoor aluminium side tables, all modern, minimalistic pieces of art that offer a strong persona in situ, and can change the look of your space. Please set your sights on the Nosh Low and Tall Sides, Dorsett Accent Tables and the Zig Zag End Tables!

When you have a chance to contemporize your space, the stunning simple style of these new aluminium side tables will have you musing how to refine your area.

Beginning with the Dorsett Table, which features a rounded table top detailed with an upturned hem, and backed by three legs that taper in before flaring out and meeting the floor. The look is of the future, while also nodding to the art deco period. It’s an outdoor table that is stylish, unique and makes a bold impact when placed next to organic teak deep seating, or with modern wicker furniture products.

Nosh aluminium side table in blackAlso vying for your attention are the Low and Tall Nosh Side Tables, available with both black and white powder coating, and is the perfect state of the art take on a classic design. It’s amazing how the using of aluminium immediately ups the distinction and urban feel of a simple item.

Finally, the Zig Zag End Accent Tables have indeed a geometric pattern subtly carved into the top round plate, while the legs overlap to create a satisfying design that is modern, minimalist and marvelous!


It is the reflection of clean designs with contemporary materials that allow for many options with this diverse, unique range of aluminium side tables!

zig zag aluminium tables

Try mixing and matching these glorious pieces to create a synergy in your outdoor area.

Place a white Zig Zag Table at one end of your long sectional, meeting the other end with a powder coated black Dorsett Side Table, a refreshing contrast while still in keeping with a fresh, contemporary take on dressing your space.

We also love the high and low Nosh Side tables indoors, framing your leather sofa, with soft lighting and donning a couple of glasses of rich red wine… the luxury is superb!

There’s many options for the new aluminium accent tables, and all which reflect quality that can withstand outdoor elements while stylish enough to present indoors as well!

Design Warehouse is paving the way in terms of upmarket and luxury outdoor furniture and accessories in New Zealand, it is with pleasure we showcase new items every week. Be assured that however you choose to uplift and revamp your space, we will have something that will fit tonally, spatially and comfortably! The new aluminium side tables from Design Warehouse offer something different. Call in, email us, or order now to revitalize your space.






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