Garden Party: Create a Relaxing Garden Oasis

December 27, 2019

Whether you’re going to be doing a formal kind of gardening or you’re cultivating a vegetable and herb garden, an outdoor garden is where enchantment meets Mother Nature. Create the outdoor space into the garden oasis you’ve envisioned, allowing the natural environment and your décor to exist as one seamless whole. Design Warehouse has a vast selection of luxury garden furniture to meet a variety of styles and spaces for creating a garden that reflects your design goals.

Garden furniture holds a special place in outdoor design. There’s an innate whimsical element where ethereality and organic moods come together. Choosing pieces that echo nature with earthy tones through design and materials make excellently curated pieces for this natural aesthetic. An outdoor garden is a holistic natural space that can heal and allow you to escape. Adding pieces that complement your garden space will create an environment that transfixes as you connect with nature and ruminate on its immersive effects.


Allow your space to reflect the natural environment. Grade-a teak and reclaimed teak wood bathes in a honey tone and earthy muted hues that contrast the greenery of the space with ease. Gardens are synonymous with certain exterior design trends but you’ll also want to prioritize how you’ll want to use the space. Consider the architecture of your home, which can play an important part when choosing your pieces. The design of your home should be a heavy influencer on the materials you decide on, as the materials can echo throughout the property, giving you a seamless look.

Lutyens Outdoor Bench in Teak (3 Seat)-1468

Lutyens Outdoor Bench in Teak

GARDEN BENCHES: From the Jardin de Tuileries in Paris to the Koshikawa Korakuen Garden of Japan, the infamous garden bench acts as a necessary part and function of the garden itself. Teak wood is a highly sought after material and has a long history as a premier material for garden furniture. The Garden Teak Bench, Elizabeth Teak Bench, and the classic Lutyens Bench will give your garden the quintessential accent it desires. If you have a modern, more contemporary space, opt for our Raw Modern Concrete Bench for a suitable choice.


teak wood garden furniture

Angus Outdoor Reclaimed Teak Bistro Table

GARDEN DINING: Dreaming of a decadent garden party of floral accents and iridescent tableware is a sensory delight. The Rustic 4 Legged Outdoor Dining Table paired with the Gazzoni Reclaimed Teak Dining Arm Chairs, and the Rustic 4 Legged Reclaimed Teak Bench situated on one side of the table makes a perfect outdoor garden table and chairs set. A deeply romantic and alluring quality that echoes the enigmatic tone that the natural setting has to offer.

For smaller spaces, we suggest a quaint bistro table like the Angus Outdoor Reclaimed Teak Bistro Table paired with the Emily Reclaimed Teak Dining Chair that expresses an earthy organic tone that blends with the garden scene.

teak wood garden furniture

Gazzoni Teak And Rope Sectional Furniture Collection

LOUNGING IN THE GARDEN: Making a space where you can sit and admire the beauty around you is a way to connect with your exterior in unexpected ways. Depending on the size of your space, the Gazzoni Collection has modular pieces and fixed pieces that can be arranged to fit your area. The rustic reclaimed teak adds a layer of warm tones that mingles cohesively among the backdrop of garden greens. An Adirondack Chair Set is often found in garden settings and makes a great addition that encourages you to indulge in all the calming qualities of your garden. Tie the look together with a garden umbrella made of Sunbrella® performance fabric that’s available in a variety colours to provide shade and comfort.

A garden can have a profound impact on your space and act as an extension of you, while using nature as a way to display creative aspects of your home. A garden captures moments in a beautiful setting inviting you to spend time and get lost in what your environment has to offer you. Browse Design Warehouse’s selection of luxury garden furniture that’s right for your space. Visit our Parnell Garden Furniture Showroom in person, call us (0800) 111-112, or email us at to start planning your garden oasis today.

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