Entertain Friends in your Relaxing Garden Space

February 14, 2020

Looking back at times in your life when you’ve opened your home to friends and family, sharing stories and food, culminate to bring you the invaluable moments that continue to bring joy into your life. Whether growing up and witnessing your mother preparing for guests or it’s something you practice in your adult life, there’s something truly special about those shared experiences. A gracious host can be appreciated for the time spent preparing food and creating a space to sit and enjoy each other’s company. On a nice day, the visiting hour would possibly take place on the deck where the warmth and fresh air could be enjoyed. Having the right outdoor pieces are imperative in moments like these. The fixtures become part of the memories. Let’s take a look at a few ways to create an outdoor space that can best be enjoyed in the company of your most cherished guests.

Logan outdoor lounge furniture auckland


Sectionals can be inviting and they artfully create a space that crafts conversations. Arrange them in an L-shape sofa or C-shape conversation set that can help keep the conversation going. The deep seating feature allows you and your guests to sink in and get comfortable. The Logan Wicker Sectional can be arranged in numerous ways and has a classic look that can go with a variety of style concepts. For a more contemporary look, the Westside Collection is a powder-coated aluminium set that features angular lines and a clean aesthetic. All seating sectionals come with Sunbrella® cushions as shown to ensure the best comfort for your outdoor space.

ravoli rope relaxing deck chairs new zealandCLUB CHAIRS + RELAXING CHAIRS

Whether you use them in tandem with your sectional or use them on their own, club chairs and relaxing chairs make a bold impact on your space. Wicker patio furniture has transcended time and the changing design landscape. The Ravoli Rope Relaxing Chair features a gently curved frame that sits comfortably low to the floor. The netted rope in a muted grey stretched across a grade-a teak wood frame is a confident combination for an elegant space. If your style is more eclectic, the Nairobi Pure Wicker Wing Chair is oversized and curved for comfort. Place several around an outdoor fire pit that adds ambience for those visits that continue into the evening.

Kove Daybed - contemporary lounge furniture nz

Kove Outdoor Daybed in White

Kove Daybed - outdoor lounge furniture nz

Kove Outdoor Daybed in Black











An alternative seating option adds variety along with visual interest. The grade-a teak Amalfi Daybed is a favourite for when you like to create a space that’s a little out of the box. It’s easy to add your own personal touches, like a throw blanket in an interesting pattern or bright throw pillows to make your daybed stand out among the rest of the décor. The deep seating allows you to get comfortable and relax amongst your guests. Another option for outdoor seating is a sun lounger. Invite a friend over to lounge outside and get lost in the afternoon chatting away. The Kove Outdoor Sun Lounger is modern and will impress even your most design savvy friends.

Design Warehouse knows that your homes décor becomes part of the memories you make within the home. The colors, textures, and design become part of the narrative landscape of the personal memories that you create as life ebbs and flows. We look forward to helping you create the best place for you to gather with friends and family. Browse our online catalog or visit our Parnell showroom in person to get started today. If you have any questions please email us at sales@designwarehouse.co.nz or call us at (0800) 111-112 and our knowledgeable staff is available 7 days a week to assist you.

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