Dining Table Seats 10 or more

Catering to large numbers has never been so stylish. Welcome to our incredible Dining Tables that seat 10 or more!

Sometimes it seems overwhelming to commit to a large table, but the options available at Design Warehouse will make your decision making that much easier!
We have coordinated several outdoor dining sets that cater to a larger space, so that you can choose which pairing works best with your own personal style.

Dining tables that seat 10 or more mean that you have the ability to curate a divine open air banquet that is welcoming, opulent, and comfortable for a large number of people.

Let us begin with the Artisan Teak and Wicker Outdoor Dining Set. The Artisan Table with 10 Retro Dining Chairs in Black makes for a modern, rustic, openhearted atmosphere.
Beautiful panels of grade a teak are placed together in a trestle table with a soft, curved edge, while the Retro Chairs add a stunning contrast with the elegantly woven black wicker. This is the set you want nestled in your garden or courtyard with soft outdoor lighting overhead, a couple of bottles of wine on the table, a delicious cheese board, and viola! You’ve created a divine, sophisticated setting for 10 guests.
Perhaps you love the classic look for a stylish simplicity you can enjoy. Why not choose the Hampton Teak Dining Set with 10 Wave Chairs? Made out of heavenly Grade A Teak – the best wood for outdoor use – the Hampton Set exemplifies sturdy, traditional and romantic outdoor living. Paired with the Wave Chairs, the Hampton Set is incredibly comfortable, having grooves in the seat and back of the chair to ensure that you and your guests can sit for hours on end in complete bliss!

There are many more sets and options to view in store, feel free to call us to discuss which dining table and chair collaboration will transform your space!