Reclaimed Teak Dining Tables

Open up your mind to the incredible range of rustic, contemporary, dignified and heavy duty dining furniture from Design Warehouse with the expanding Reclaimed Teak Table offering.

This is furniture that packs a significant punch, as the material contributes to a more unique and individual style. Reclaimed Teak is teak wood that has been recycled from structural timbers (such as commercial buildings ) into gorgeous pieces that carry their own history and character. The grain is clearly seen by the eye, often the grooves are kept in the wood, which contribute to an overall rustic, satisfying look.

From the bold, beautiful Trestle Tables to the Versaille-esque Kingston Tables to the amazing modern blend of reclaimed teak and aluminium in our Village Table; this is material you want to take note of.

Design Warehouse has a huge range of amazing furniture for outdoor use. And we make it easy for you by choosing quality materials which exceptionally designed products, which means we know we are sending out the best products from our warehouse to your door.

Try something a little different with the incredible Toni Reclaimed Teak Round Outdoor Dining Table. Solid, thick planks of wood curved into a round table top with elegant legs in a stunning configuration. This table is the best of both worlds – style and strength.

Toni, much like the rest of our reclaimed teak furniture, looks wonderful indoors as well as out. Bring character to your backyard with the incredible Trestle Table. Heavy duty and available in 3 grand sizes, you’ll be enjoying huge family lunches in no time at all! Place a couple of matching Reclaimed Teak Benches on either side, and you’ve got an accessible area for lots of people enjoying the comfort and hardiness of this incredible furniture.

Tried and true, Design Warehouse has the best outdoor dining furniture in New Zealand. Order yours today.