Outdoor Heaters

Stay warm and comfortable while enjoying your outdoor space all year with our new line of outdoor heaters. We strive to have absolutely everything that you need for your outdoor space, from amazing furniture that entices you to enjoy your outdoor space, to sophisticated storage trunks and decor that adds warmth and personality. And once you have created this wonderful outdoor oasis, you will want to use it as often as possible, even on those chilly days or nights. We are proud to present to you a line of luxury outdoor heaters that are perfect for private residences or commercial spaces. These are exclusive to Design Warehouse.

Keep your guests and customers comfortable all year round with our high end range of outdoor heaters, heat lamps and patio heat pendants. We offer the prestigious EvenGlo® standing heaters and Heat Sail® floor lamps and hanging pendants. These are the best of the best for outdoor heaters.

Heat Sail® outdoor floor lamp heaters have a striking design that functions beautifully and adds a warm glow and amazing ambiance. The striking design will fit seamlessly into any outdoor space. It’s contemporary, and the dome design also gives it charming and warm inviting look that will complete your look. These luxury heaters are manufactured in Belgium by a brilliant design team in Holland. These heaters use the latest technology. It features two wheels on the base so that you can roll it into place. Concrete bricks are includes so that you can be certain it will stay securely in place. These heaters are powdered with electricity which means zero emissions. We are certain that these are the very best heaters for commercial spaces including hotels, resorts, wineries, restaurants and cafes. And one of the best features is that they include bluetooth technology! Please visit our showroom, call, or email us today if you have any questions about these amazing and groundbreaking heaters. The technology, design and build are superb.

We also offer the distinguished brand of Even Glo® standing gas powdered heaters. These patio heaters are manufactured and designed in Canada and we are excited to be able to supply these to our clients. These are commercial grade heaters that are built and assembled with strict guidelines. They have high standards for quality and performance. They are able to throw radiant heat giving the maximum heat to the largest possible area. It has a two-stage BTU/hr with 53,000 for high and 46,000 for low. These heater come in a striking and sophisticated design made with aluminium and steel. Choose between the black powder coated or #316 marine grade stainless steel.

Why not use your carefully crafted outdoor space as many days as possible? These outdoor heaters make it possible. Enjoy long relaxing chilly evenings or host dinner parties that are comfortable and enjoyable. Encourage outdoor dining at your restaurant or cafe. Give your guests the best experience possible.

Our team of talented staff are ready to assist you today. We have all the information that you will need to choose the best patio heater in New Zealand. Visit our NZ furniture showroom so that you can see the quality first hand and inspect all of the features. We are open daily and look forward to meeting you. Cheers to outdoor living!