Patio Umbrellas

Sunbrella® Fabrics are the most tried and trusted outdoor fabrics worldwide for umbrellas. Over 30 styes of Sunbrella® Umbrellas to choose from.

Meet our Umbrella Collection

A key element of every functional outdoor living space is shade, and that’s where a quality sun umbrella for your patio, garden or outdoor entertainment area that comes with added UV protection is essential. The number one reason people choose to avoid their outdoor ‘room’ is lack of shelter from the heat and rain, but an outdoor shade umbrella will provide a super stylish and impressive addition to your favourite summertime space as well as protect against the sun’s harmful rays.

From the most dramatic and inviting cantilever to the simple yet always-chic patio umbrella, at Design Warehouse we offer a plethora of options crafted from the highest quality fabrics, structures and material.

When it comes down to the umbrella you choose there are two important things to consider: is it easy to move and control, and how effective and durable is the fabric? We have most definitely taken care of the latter by only working with the very best outdoor umbrella fabric available on the global market for our cantilevers: Sunbrella®. Providing much needed shade is what the Sunbrella® fabric does best – supplying protection from the elements, comfort in the heat of the summer and undeniable style in an array of colours for over half a century. With SPF 50 + and UV protection that filters close to 100 per cent of UV radiation, Sunbrella® takes care of your family and friends when entertaining outdoors without you even having to think twice about it. Sunbrella® shade fabrics are also breathable and allow air to pass through them, creating a comfortable space below no matter how high the humidity factor on your average New Zealand summer’s day.

In addition, our chic sun umbrellas not only protect you, but they always look beautifully presented while doing so. This is due to the unique makeup of Sunbrella® fibres, which come saturated with highly UV stable pigments. Traditional dyeing methods only add colour to the fibre’s exterior, but Sunbrella®’s performance characteristics are an integral part of the fabric. This means they are not an applied finish that would wash off over time, and will maintain their signature hue for many years to come. And did you know, Sunbrella cushions are included with all of our Deep Seating products?

If you’re looking for a little more compact shade, our contemporary and light patio umbrellas have been crafted to effortlessly compliment small spaces. A popular choice is our Market Patio Umbrella, which comes with Scotch Guarded polyester fabric that provides the protection from the sun all throughout the year. An easy pulley system allows for different heights for the canopy to suit your needs, and our Market Umbrellas come in four fashionable colours and four sizes.

For larger spaces, our customers love to call on the qualities of our Cantilever Umbrellas, which feature a pole positioned off to one side. The canopy is supported from the side and above, which allows it to hang freely over a variety of seating and table configurations. The main benefit of modern cantilever umbrellas is that they can shade a large area without the obstruction that a central pole causes.

So, it doesn’t matter how big or small the outdoor area where you need shade is, Design Warehouse will have you covered. Whether you’re after something small and chic, or large and dramatic, we have every style in a sophisticated package. Just for you.

For more information, please call one of our qualified sales people at Design Warehouse for more information.